MAXX Kit Sexy Zipper Case Storage Hacks

August 30, 2017

MAXX Kit Sexy Zipper Case Storage Hacks

The 16-LED MAXX Teeth Whitening Zipper Case isn’t just sexy, it is a convenient storage solution!

The stylish, protective, hard-shell case is also lightweight and contains four elastic ribbons and a mesh pocket to keep all your necessities safe and secure. Perfect for travel!



Keep up your beauty routine. Conveniently store your make-up go to’s for easy access wherever you go.

The hard-shell and interior, mesh pocket protects your pressed makeup shades: blush, bronzer, highlighter from being damaged in an accidental fall. The four ribbons neatly hold mascara, lipstick, brushes and more!

For MAXX whiteness on your smile, be sure to include the Whitening Pen to your beauty routine!



Breaking a nail or going somewhere with chipped nail polish is a real bummer. Keep this nail repair kit handy for any occasion.

This case holds your nail file, nail clippers, nail polish, cuticle cream, toe separators and more, tidy and secure. It’s perfect to keep in your car, or on hand while travelling for a quick fix or emergency mani-pedi!


Ready when you are! Keep this toiletries kit together for those spontaneous trips so you don’t forget your essentials! Last thing you need is to be stressed out needing your toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, hairbrush or tooth whitening pen!

Never worry about a container being damaged in your luggage again! This sturdy zipper case protects both your peace of mind and travel products.


Runny nose, fever, hang nail, diaper rash? You NEED your thermometer, or nail clippers, or diaper cream, or ear plugs ! Keep your infant and baby must-haves together in the StyleSmile zipper case. Throw it in your purse or diaper bag for quick, easy access anywhere.

Baby Tip: Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Caregivers: Always be prepare for the unexpected. 


Markers, pencils, erasers and more! Keep all your coloring supplies wonderfully organized within this super sexy zipper case! Bring this coloring kit with you to keep toddlers and children entertained. Use during family trips, meals at restaurants, long car rides, and practically anywhere you go.

Help ease those kiddie meltdowns with this nifty hack!


Think outside the box (or case) and store anything you’d like inside! This utility kit is great for any working, handyman or creative person who needs specific tools on hand at all times.

Pens, paper, ruler, retractable utility knife, USB, light and more. Keep your important items conveniently together inside.

Having a white smile is important, so we are sure to include the StyleSmile Teeth Whitening Pen in our case so we can target those stubborn stains wherever we go.


CLICK HERE to Get Your Very Own MAXX Kit

and Join the StyleSmile Crew Today!

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