September 19, 2017


The lengths we go through to achieve greater heights in regards to beauty is astounding. The evolution of beauty and style extends not only through time but throughout each society and culture throughout the world. Here are a few of the failed beauty trends that have passed throughout North America.


1. 100 Layer Challenges

If one layer isn’t enough to boost your confidence wearing 99 additional layers to mask your insecurities will definitely help.

If one image isn't enough to deter you from following this trend, we're hoping this gif might.


2. Contouring every inch of the body

This is why we can’t have nice things. Contouring is just creating the illusion you’ve got more depth than you’re capable of portraying.


3. Impractical nail art

Who needs fingers anyways? It is not like everything we do requires them.

4. Using Food as Makeup

Just cause you’re an adult doesn’t mean you should stop listening to your mom’s wise advice of not playing with your food. Seriously, food is meant to be eaten, not worn.

5. Chunky Highlights - Skunk Hair

There’s do it yourself professionalism and giving up halfway because you’re too lazy, this trend is the latter.

6. Using unconventional items as makeup tools

Seriously, we need to stop wearing and using food as tools.


7. Body Glitter Products

Who needs to shine bright like a diamond when you can just look like you rolled around in high school prep rally posters.

8. Perms & Crimping

If applying copious amounts of heat to your hair to crimp it wasn’t bad enough, using chemicals to permanently alter your hair’s texture is definitely wise.

9. Pencil Thin Eyebrows

Drawn on eyebrows are a thing of the past and so is tadpole brows - don’t let this be you.


Let us all be thankful that none of these trends have continued on into 2017.

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